In the future - Insurance companies

If you have an endowment mortgage (or an endowment or 'whole-life' policy which is not linked to a house purchase scheme) the advantage that you enjoy over repayment mortgage holders is that the insurance company may be able to lend the funds themselves, which is obviously a great asset if funds in general are scarce.

The insurance company may well expect you to take out an additional policy to cover the loan. Very often this is a 'non-profit' endowment policy -which is as gloomy as it sounds.

Non-profit policies generally provide poor value for money, particularly in inflationary times; all they do is to pay off the mortgage when it reaches maturity -or at death if you die earlier -and there is never any surplus for you.

They should never be considered in connection with a main mortgage (and consequently have been ignored in Section 6). For an improvement loan, however, what it means is that you are effectively getting a more expensive option. You may feel it is worth it if it is the only source of funds available to you.

If you approach another lender rather than your present one, they may also seek to have some form of security on your house. You will have to get your original lender's formal consent to this; but, assuming you have plenty of 'equity' in the house (for example, you have a £125,000 mortgage but the house is worth £145,000), then there is usually no problem over obtaining this.

In the future - Paying the money back

Now that the MIRAS system of collecting tax relief has come into operation, prospective borrowers have to sign a form declaring that the advance being made to them is for a purpose which will qualify for tax relief under existing legislation.

If you make a False declaration which is found out at a later date, it counts as tax evasion and you'll be dealt with severely by the Revenue.

Where to find finance Building societies and banks

Your first port of call for the extra money you need should be the building society with whom you have your mortgage. In 2012 around 0.12 of all advances made by building societies were for improvements to existing property rather than the purchase of new homes.

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